It’s 9pm and you plop down on the couch with a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate, and your latest Netflix binge. You think to yourself - “I really should do a meditation or drink some tea or do a few stretches.” But, Netflix and the couch is all you have the energy for. You’re exhausted - overworked, stressed out, and chronically overwhelmed.


You want to be one of those women who feels light and flows through her life. You know that woman - the one who has time for food prepping, fun workouts, and self-care. She loves her job, her body, and her whole entire life - it’s f*cking annoying, right?


Because you’re over here desperately wanting a more fulfilling career, more money, a hotter bod, and even an hour of time to take care of yourself for once. You feel disconnected from your body, burdened by your menstrual cycle, and completely out of tune with your intuition and inner wisdom.


You feel lost, confused, chaotic. And you’ve felt this way for so long now.


You want to reconnect to your body, to trust your intuition, and to drop all the fears and self-doubt so that you can finally start living the life you truly want to live. 

Girl, I know the feeling.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted it all - the successful (fulfilling) career, the hot body, a loving husband, a beautiful baby, and a deep sense of spirituality and intuition. 


I used to tell myself that having it all was unrealistic and that I should just be happy with the good things I already have. So guess what, all I ever got was exactly what I already had - complete with a job I hated, 20 extra pounds, and frustrating hormonal problems. That is until I set aside all of my fears and doubts and let myself have everything I wanted - and more.


I went from soul-crushing corporate jobs and business endeavors that never made any money to a full-time coach and business owner in less than a year. 


I went from a depressed, heartbroken woman to falling in love with the love of my life exactly one year to the day that I broke up with my ex of 6 years. 


And I went from a woman with heavy periods, emergency room level period cramps, cystic acne, and daily panic attacks whose doctors insisted that hormonal birth control was the only answer to a woman with the lightest periods of her life and zero cramps, acne, or panic attacks in just 6 months using nothing but diet and supplements. 


It didn’t get there by magic or by luck. I got where I am today because I figured out how to harness the power of my feminine cycles, tap into my deepest intuition, and awaken the wise, wild woman within me. 

It all started by learning how to connect to and nourish my menstrual cycle and feminine body. After bleeding through my costume at a Halloween party, I decided enough was enough. The doctors weren’t helping with my hormonal struggles. I tried pills and supplements, acne creams, and my least favorite “waiting it out.” Nothing worked. 


I no longer wanted to feel helpless, so I took my healing into my own hands. I went back to school and studied women’s healing arts and hormonal health coaching and created my own healing system that combines science, nutrition, cycle tracking, and spirituality to finally heal what my doctors couldn’t.


And, it worked faster than I could’ve ever imagined.


As my cycle and hormonal issues healed, I suddenly found myself feeling lighter, more vibrant, and more in-tune with my body than ever before. With this deep connection to my body, I noticed that my intuition was growing stronger every day. I began tapping into an inner wisdom I never knew I had until one day I was no longer saying “I want to be more in-tune” because I just was. 


I had become the spiritual, intuitive, fearless woman I had always wanted to become. I was able to harness the power of my feminine cycles and intuition to create a career I love, meet the man of my dreams, lose 20 pounds, and finally live the life I’ve always wanted to live. 


And, I knew I needed to share this wisdom with other women asap.

Since then I’ve walked woman after woman through their own wild woman awakening as I like to call it. Teaching them how to reconnect to their natural rhythms, harness the power of their menstrual cycle, heal their hormonal struggles, tap into their intuition, and create the life they’ve been dreaming of.


From starting their own businesses to finding their dream jobs, from getting pregnant on the first try to preventing pregnancy with nothing other than the wisdom of their bodies - I’ve seen women use this process to achieve what once felt impossible for them.


Women getting so in-tune with themselves that they’re able to drop all the fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back for so long.

"Before working with Brandy, I honestly didn’t think I could do it! I had read all the books and done all the “right” things to harness the power of my cycle but it all seemed so complex. Brandy helped me to learn how to properly track my cycle and I quickly realized that our work was going way beyond cycle tracking. 
Brandy has been an incredible support to me as I took the big leap from traditional full time employment into starting my own business. I honestly don't know where I'd be without her! Don't hesitate to hire this woman. Within just a few weeks of working with Brandy I signed my first four clients..
Be prepared for mega, positive life change, because working with Brandy is so much more than surface level coaching. It’s total soul wisdom that translates to courage, strength, and the awakening of the wild woman in all of us that deserves to come forward"
- Allison, VT -

When you work with me you will…


  • Learn how to use cycle tracking to transition off of hormonal birth control (if you choose) so that you can reignite your natural cycle, connect deeply to your body, and get pregnant on your own terms WHEN you are ready.

  • Learn how to balance your hormones naturally to avoid things like heavy periods, painful cramps, acne, mood swings, pms, and more so that you can feel like your true self more often

  • Connect to your feminine cycles and learn the deep natural rhythms of your body

  • Break free from all that is holding you back - unfulfilling jobs, unhealthy relationships, fears, limiting beliefs (aka your own made up bullsh*t), food issues, body issues, hormonal birth control - whatever it is, you’ll learn how to let it go once and for all!

  • Harness your intuition and deep inner wisdom to create the life you truly want to live - the big, BOLD life that is meant for you

  • Release the fear, self-doubt, and old habits that are keeping you stuck and playing it safe

  • Leverage your spirituality and feminine energy for MASSIVE personal and financial success

Your 1-on-1 Coaching Package Includes:

1. A 1-hour Initial Strategy Session


Where we will explore your unique hormonal struggles and create a strategy for aligning your life with your cycle to attract the health, healing, and life you’ve been dreaming of.

2. Private Coaching Sessions


Weekly hour-long coaching sessions in which we will dive deep into connecting your cycle, healing your hormonal struggles, and harnessing your intuition so that you can break-free from all that's holding you back, feel like yourself again, and awaken the wild woman within.


3. Weekly Homework + Action Steps


Each week you will be given action-based at-home assignments to keep you on track between sessions and propel you into the health and healing you most desire

Let this be the decision that changes everything...

You've tried everything else. It hasn't worked. I was right where you are before choosing this new life for myself, too.

Imagine 6 months from now - feeling confident, sexy, free - knowing you're deeply in-tune to your body and your intuition.

Your body no longer feels like a mystery. You are in control.

Your skin is clear and glowing, your periods healthier than they've been in years, and your life is magically synced up with your cycle.​

You have amazing sex + can't wait to do it again. You know your body so well that you know when you're the most fired up each month and how to have mind-blowing sex.

Just think about all the amazing sh*t you'll do when you've moved past the BS & created more freedom in your life - find your dream job, fall in love, start a family, make more money than ever before! Whatever you want!

What if this one decision changed everything?


What if you could look back on this moment and say, "That was the decision that changed my life?"

It did for me, and it can for you too.

Together we can make this your reality.

How To Get Started:


1. Schedule your complimentary coaching call.

No obligations. If we meet and you decide it’s not a good fit, that’s a-okay.

You can schedule your call HERE.

2. We’ll have a powerful coaching conversation.

    (Set aside 1.5 hours.)

To hone in on a strategy that would work best for you given your unique strengths and struggles. Be prepared to talk about the things that our society loves to convince us are taboo like your period, your breasts, and your sex life. Oh, yeah, we’re going there.

3. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll discuss how we can begin working together.


We can get you set up with your first coaching session, discuss a payment schedule that feels good for you, and get your first 1-on-1 VIP coaching session on the books!

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