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How-To Use THINX Period Underwear


Get the inside scoop on how to use THINX period underwear while avoiding leaks and staying clean on the go. Psst - Discount code for $10 off your next THINX purchase inside!

Your Top THINX Questions Answered


Nervous about making the switch to THINX reusable period underwear? In this episode Brandy personally answers your top THINX questions so you can get started with ease & confidence. Psst - Discount code for $10 off your next THINX purchase inside!

Spring Clean Your Sexual Wellness Routine

Lean how to detox your sexual wellness routine. From condoms to lubes to your birth control options, Brandy shares simple ways to spring clean your sex routine so you can get down 'n dirty without nasty, harmful chemicals.

How To Compost Without the Gross Smell

(even if you live in an apartment!)

If you've given up on composting because of the gross smell and disgusting slop buckets, this episode is for you! I'm sharing my super simple hack for composting without the gross smell of rotting food - even if you live in an apartment - and 5 easy tips for creating your composting habit!

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