Yoga with Brandy

A pivotal aspect of living naturally is choosing to move your body in a way that flows and feels good for you. Gone are the days of the no pain, no gain mentality and intricate gadgets designed to shrink your thighs. To live naturally requires embracing movement and exercise that allows the body to move fluidly, naturally.


Whether you're looking for a soothing way to unwind at the end of the day or a fiery way to jump start your day, I've got a class for you. From strength-building practices like my Core Flow and Upper Body Flow classes, to soothing meditations and gentle flow classes - what you're looking for is all here. There's even a full library of melodic chants to lull you deeper into meditation (or to sleep, I don't judge!). 


Enjoy a sample of my online yoga classes below - and head to my YouTube channel for full access to every class I've ever recorded. Get ready for all the yoga! And, don't forget to have fun!

Soothing Flow


Ease into your morning or unwind at the end of the day with this soothing yoga flow sequence. Long slow breaths, combined with gentle postures will have you basking in relaxation in no time.

Core Flow


Fire up your core in this full-length yoga flow class designed to help you strengthen & activate your core for stronger flows and better balance in your yoga practice. 

Foundations of Handstand


BY POPULAR DEMAND! This 15 minute mini-workshop delivers the foundations and techniques for beginning, or advancing, your handstand practice. In this workshop, we'll break it down to built up!

Upper Body Flow


Stretch and strengthen your arms, shoulders, & chest in this full-length yoga flow class targeted towards your upper body. From back bends to handstands, upper body strength and flexibility is the key to unlocking your practice!

Want access to my full online studio?

Get an inside look at my entire online yoga library filled with full-length yoga classes, meditations, workshop tutorials, breath sequences, chants, & more! 

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