4 Key Steps For Cycle Tracking

Saturday, January 25th | 12:00-2:00pm


at All Wellness - 128 Lakeside Ave, Burlington, VT

Registration: $30. Save your spot HERE.

Does your period feel like a burden that’s full of cramps, heavy bleeding, and mood swings? Want to ditch pms and have lighter, less painful periods?


Ready to be in-tune with your body and finally learn how to harness the power of your cycle for hormonal health, natural birth control, and fertility support?

Want to feel empowered, confident, and finally in control of your own body?

Ready to live in alignment with your body, your intuition, and your deepest desires?

Then, this one’s for you. 



Join Brandy Oswald, Women’s Health Coach & Certified Hormone Specialist, to learn the cycle tracking method of natural birth control, hormone balancing, and fertility support so that you can say goodbye to cycle issues like heavy and painful periods, break-free from hormonal birth control (if that’s your thing!), and get pregnant on YOUR OWN terms when you’re ready.

This event will teach you…


  • How to track your cycle to spot hormonal imbalances that cause issues like heavy periods, painful cramps, acne, mood swings, pms, and more so that you can feel like yourself more often.


  • The 4 key steps to cycle tracking and the symptothermal method of natural birth control so that you can reignite your natural cycle, connect deeply to your body, and learn how to confidently prevent pregnancy without synthetic hormones.


  • How to get started using your very own cycle tracking chart for hormone balancing, natural birth control, or pregnancy support

  • How to cultivate the confidence, and acquire the knowledge needed to make empowered birth control, fertility, & hormonal health choices


You’ll leave this workshop feeling deeply knowledgeable of your body and how it works. Warning - You will leave completely in awe of your body, the wisdom of your cycle, and the magic that takes place inside of you every single month. 

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