Break-Free From Hormonal Birth Control

+ Start Tracking Your Cycle ((Audio Training))

For women looking to transition off of hormonal birth control, get their periods back, and begin tracking their cycle as a health care practice. As a result of this training you'll learn the necessary steps to take prior to transitioning off of your hormonal birth control, be able to start tracking your cycle immediately as a health care practice, and strategies to regulate your periods naturally without prescription drugs. 

Are looking for personalized support for connecting to your natural cycles and ditching your dependency on birth control hormones? You’re in luck! I created a 1-on-1 coaching program for women just like you to help you:


  • Learn strategies to transition off of hormonal birth control (if you’re on it), get your period back, and live in harmony with your natural hormones

  • Get a deeper understanding of to eat, exercise, and live to create hormonal balance in your body​​

  • Learn how to have lighter, less painful periods without synthetic hormones or medications

  • Learn how to track your hormonal cycle as natural birth control AND use it for pregnancy support when you’re ready

  • Explore how to tap into your sensuality and naturally boost your libido​​

  • Access tools for creating new lifestyle habits and actually sticking to them

  • Get the power to magnetically attract the life you desire (vs. aggressively pursuing it)

If this sounds like the life you want to live, I want to personally invite you to schedule a complimentary consult call with me to hone in on a strategy that would work best for you given your unique situation, strengths, and struggles. Be prepared to talk about the things that our society loves to convince us are taboo like your period, your breasts, and your poops. Oh, yeah, we’re going there. Book your complimentary consult call below!

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Disclaimer: This training is not meant to teach you how to use fertility awareness and cycle tracking as a birth control method. This training is an educational resource to introduce the practice of fertility awareness and cycle tracking as a multi-purpose health care tool. This training alone will not provide the information needed to begin using fertilty awareness as your birth control method. It will, however, introduce you to this powerful practice, provide you with access to resources for learning more about how to use fertility awareness as birth control, and empower you to become your own health care advocate.

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