Are you ready to ditch chemicals and live a healthier, happier life? 

(and save a bunch of money while doing so?!)

Yeah, we thought so. I mean, who wouldn't?! Creating new, natural living, chemical-free habits is overwhelming, however. We find ourselves swirling with questions like - How do I get started? Is everything bad for me? Do I need to throw everything out and start over? The Do it Naturally membership program is here to give you the tools and resources to help you detox your life, create new and lasting habits, and leave a positive impact on the world around you - all while SAVING money.

The Do it Naturally membership community is filled with expert mentors from across the natural living and wellness industry. Our membership program provides you with live, virtual workshops to explore exciting natural living topics, offer in-person support, and answer all your questions. You also get access to our library of private podcast episodes and blog posts, digital workbooks and e-books, and insider access to discounts on the latest natural living products. 

As a member you'll learn...

  •  How to detox your home, beauty supplies, diet, fitness routine, sex life, & more (without going broke!)

  • Key strategies for creating new habits AND actually sticking to them

  • The truth about the latest natural living fads - Are they really worth it? Do they even work?!

  • Clever, creative new ways of living that you didn't even know were an option

  • How to measure the impact of your new lifestyle changes financially, personally, & environmentally 

Are you ready to learn about all of this & more?

The key to doing something you've never done before? Having a rockstar mentor to show you the way! As a member you'll have access to monthly virtual mentorship workshops with natural living experts to deep dive into exciting new practices, products, & natural living topics. Our mentors provide in-depth expertise, as well as simple, actionable ways to incorporate powerful natural living practices into your own life. In each live workshop you'll get access to a Q&A with our featured expert mentor for tailored insights on how to make our teachings work for you.

Along with our monthly mentorship workshops, you'll get new e-books, workshops, & action guides each month to help you get started and stay on track at home. The key to creating new habits is to have a plan and the tools to stick to it. With the Do it Naturally membership, we don't just present you with a new natural living topic each month and leave to figure out how to incorporate it into your own life all on your own. No, we give you the resources to build each month's theme into your life with simple, actionable worksheets and e-books. We're like Oprah with our resources - You get an action guide! You get an e-book! Everybody gets all the resources!

One of the most popular aspects of our membership program is the virtual community. That's right - with our membership forum you get 24/7 access to our expert mentors, Do it Naturally founder Brandy Oswald, and women around the world who - like you - are dedicated to detoxing their lives, living naturally, and saving the world one bamboo toothbrush at a time! It's in our community forum that you'll find daily posts shared from our favorite natural living trendsetters, insider tips from Brandy, and answers to your burning questions. The community forum is your safe haven to connect with and support other ladies who are looking to live more natural lives, just like you. It's also where you'll be able to lean on them for encouragement and insights on how they've been able to work with and apply the workshop lessons each month.  Some bonus goodies we like to send your way in the community forum include yoga videos, mindfulness tips, self-care practices, and dance parties - ya know, to keep things fun!

Remember in college when you could go to your professor's office one day each week to get answers to all the questions you couldn't find the answers to? We provide the same for you! As a member you'll get access to live office hours each week with Brandy and our experts to get all your questions answered. Bleeding through your reusable period products? Can't find non-toxic make-up in your price range? Family and roommates resistant to your new natural living upgrades? We've heard it all, and we've got answers!

As a thank you for being a natural living goddess and for being a part of our tribe, we'll send you discounts, giveaways, and sneak peeks on our favorite natural living goodies. We've been known to offer discounts and giveaways for:

  • THINX reusable period products

  • Sustain Natural non-toxic sexual wellness goodies

  • Wanderlust Festivals

  • & so much more!

Are you ready to join our amazing community?

Let's Recap!

What you get as a Do it Naturally Member...

  • Live Mentorship Workshops each month with natural living experts

  • E-Books, Worksheets, & Action Guides to help you create new habits and stay on track

  • A Community Forum filled with badass babes for daily support and encouragement

  • Live Office Hours each week with Do it Naturally founder Brandy Oswald and our natural living experts to get all the answers to your unique questions

  • Insider Access To Discounts, giveaways, and sneak peeks on the latest favorite natural living goodies like THINX, Sustain Natural, Wanderlust Festivals, & more!

Are you ready ditch chemicals, live naturally, & create a cleaner, more sustainable world?

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