Are you so used to being busy and stressed out that it has somehow become your norm? You're constantly rushing from one thing to the next - from work, to home, to friends & family, to dating, to school - you're completely overwhelmed. You hate looking at your planner and seeing zero free-time. It's got you feeling exhausted, run-down, and like you're barely holding it all together.

Do you know the feeling of piling on concealer before date night, drinks with the girls, and even yoga class because you're so embarrassed of your acne breakouts? Or worse yet, the feeling of being so frustrated and embarrassed by your acne that you just say f*ck it and refuse to leave your house?

Have you ever wanted to be one of those women who says things like "Oh, my periods aren't that bad. I never get cramps and my flow is soooo light?" Meanwhile, during your period you're stuck on the couch with painful cramps, bloated, cranky, and using tampon after tampon. You dream of a day when you can fit into your skinny jeans, rock a workout class, and stop putting your life on hold when you're on your period.

Do you know the feeling of listening to your girlfriends talk about their exciting sex lives and easy orgasms, while inside you start to feel bad about yourself because you can't remember the last time sex felt exciting? You want to get all fired up when you finally see your sexy babe after a long work day instead of feeling like sex is one more task on your to do list.

Girl, I know the feeling.

I used to spend my days rushing from one obligation to the next, constantly stressed because I was 10 minutes late for everything. I felt like I was drowning at work, swimming in dirty dishes at home, and couldn't remember the last time I did something just for fun.

I would spend hours each day covering up my cystic acne, cursing my heavy and painful periods, and saying things like "I guess I'm just not that sexual of a person" when deep down I wanted clear skin, comfortable periods and an orgasm-filled sex life that would make even Cosmo blush.

I used to think "Okay, this is what my life is going to be like. This is the card I've been dealt."  So I covered my acne with caked-on concealer and zapped it with every zit cream and face wash I could find. I spent countless nights crying in bed because I felt so out-of-control of my skin - desperately wanting to go out with friends, but too embarrassed to be seen in public. Nothing worked.

At the same time I drank teas, popped painkillers, and ruined way too many pairs of underwear trying to survive my period. I stayed home from work more times than I can count, skipped far too many beach days, and again felt as though, This is what my life is going to be like. Doctor after doctor told me hormonal birth control was the only answer, but I wanted a natural solution without scary side effects.

I also wanted to have great sex and a lot of it, yet I spent most of my days listening to my girlfriends share their exciting sex stories and thinking ugh, why can't that be me?! I hated that sex felt like a chore that only every now and then had a happy ending (*wink*). I bought lingerie and toys. I read all the Cosmo articles. Nothing worked.

I was tired of hearing from doctor’s that they couldn’t offer natural food and lifestyle solutions to my struggles - that prescription acne medication and birth control hormones were the only “solution” - so I went out and found the natural healing I had been searching for…

And, I uncovered the answer to all these problems and more...

Living in alignment with my body

As soon as I stopped trying to fight my body, force it to keep up with my stressful schedule, and cover up my problems with make-up, creams, and pills I was able to uncover the root cause of my struggles - my hormones.

From my acne to my heavy periods to my non-existent sex drive - my body was trying to tell me that I had a hormonal imbalance. Rather than treating all my problems separately as my doctors had attempted (because they ignored that I had a deeper hormonal imbalance!), I realized that I had to address them together and create an aligned healing solution.

Living in alignment with my body meant supporting my hormones with the foods, exercise, and lifestyle choices they needed to function properly and to clear up my acne, heal my periods, and reignite my sex drive.

So I enrolled in women's healing health courses, worked with doctors and holistic practitioners, and studied countless texts to uncover how everything from my busy schedule, to my unpredictable meal times, to my intense workouts, to my home and beauty products were wreaking havoc on my hormones. 

Through my research and studies, I also discovered life-changing tools and resources that combine science, natural and holistic feminine health, mindfulness, and habit change methodology to develop a completely new approach to healing my acne, periods, and hormonal health struggles.

This healing approach allowed me to have clearer skin, lighter periods, and better sex naturally without prescription drugs, birth control pills, or endless doctor appointments.

These days I do things I thought I'd never do. I leave my house without make-up on. I own zero face wash or acne creams. I wear white pants on my period.  And, I have really great sex.

The best news is that all the natural hormonal healing resources I uncovered also help with irregular periods, anxiety, poor digestion, constipation, fertility, and even as a source of natural birth control (seriously! It's what I've used to prevent pregnancy for 6+ years.) 

Do you want to learn how I did it + how you can too?

You're in the right place. My 1-on-1 VIP coaching is for women just like you, who are ready to heal their acne, have comfortable periods, and get back to having really great sex while living in alignment with their bodies so that they can finally feel confident, sexy, and free.

When you work with me you'll…


  • Learn how to finally start living in alignment with your hormones and stop fighting them with unhealthy diets and exercise, high stress levels, and toxic home + beauty products.

  • Learn why your acne face creams aren't working and why food and lifestyle shifts are the most powerful medication

  • Understand why birth control hormones are not actually healing your acne, regulating your period, or helping you have better sex - in fact, they only bury the problem deeper.

  • Learn how to stop hiding your acne, period, and hormonal problems with birth control pills and start healing them naturally with simple food and lifestyle changes.

  • Understand why cardio might be killing your hormones and learn how to exercise for hormonal health

  • Explore how surprising, every day items like your make-up and plastic tupperware could be contributing to your hormonal imbalance and making your acne, periods, and sex life worse - AND, I'll give you my favorite, hormone healthy alternatives!

  • Learn the exact meal plan, workouts, and lifestyle shifts that I used to heal my acne, periods, and sex life.

  • Uncover the barriers that keep you stuck in a cycle of hormonal imbalance and how to stop them so that you can free yourself from your acne, period, and sex drive struggles and start focusing on what matters most in your life


I know what you're thinking - Brandy, how do I know this will work for me when nothing else has?

I had the exact same worries when I started on this path too. If the prescription drugs and face creams didn't work why would food and lifestyle shifts? If my period has always been brutal and the only solution doctors can find is birth control pills, how will food and lifestyle shifts suddenly make a huge difference? If I'm not that sexual of a person, how can eating kale and taking baths change how I've always felt?

The answer is simple - my system works WITH your body, rather than against it. What's the #1 thing all of your past healing attempts have in common? They try to fight your body. They suppress your natural hormones, kill off your natural (healthy!) bacteria, and attempt to create a generic state of health in your body.

But, you are unique and so is your body. You need tailored solutions that work with your body rather than against it. You need to support your hormones rather than suppress them. And, that's exactly what my approach does.

But, what if I invest in your approach and nothing gets better?

When we learn to support our hormones and live in alignment with our bodies something always gets better. Because our hormones are responsible for so much we often experience improvements we weren't even expecting like better sleep, more energy, less anxiety, better digestion, happier moods, weight loss, and more.

Okay, but what if I've struggled to follow through on diet and self-care in the past?

Then, you're in the right place. When you work with me I will teach you my personal, proven techniques to set goals, create new habits, and actually stick to them to bring about lasting change. I don't simply teach you information, I show you how to use it. Together, we create a personalized action plan that fits your strength and struggles so that you can heal your hormones and create the life you've always wanted.

Let this be the decision that changes everything...

You've tried everything else. It hasn't worked. I was right where you are before designing this program.

Imagine 6 months from now - feeling confident, sexy, free - knowing you've been able to heal your struggles naturally just like you've always wanted.

Your skin is clear + glowing. You leave the house without make-up on whenever you want.

Your period is so light + easy that even on day 1 you end up going to yoga and killin' it at that work meeting.

You have amazing sex + can't wait to do it again. You know your body so well that you know when you're the most fired up each month and how to have mind-blowing sex naturally without birth control hormones.

Just think about all the amazing sh*t you'll do when you've created more freedom in your schedule and you're not feeling sluggish from your period, embarrassed by your skin, and have weekly orgasms to fire you up.

What if this one decision changed everything? What if you could look back on this moment and say, "That was the decision that changed my life?"

Together we can make this your reality.

Your 1-on-1 Coaching Package Includes:

1. A 1-hour Initial Strategy Session


Where we will explore your unique situation + struggles and create a strategy for attracting the life, health, and healing you’ve been dreaming of.


2. Private Coaching Sessions


Weekly hour-long coaching sessions in which we will address your individual needs, dive deep into life-changing natural healing options, and set you up for success during the weeks ahead.


3. Weekly Homework + Action Steps


Each week you will be given action-based at-home assignments to keep you on track between sessions and propel you into the health and healing you most desire

How To Get Started:


1. Schedule your complimentary consult call.

No obligations. If we meet and you decide it’s not a good fit, that’s a-okay.

You can schedule your call HERE.

2. We’ll have a 30 minute phone chat

To hone in on a strategy that would work best for you given your unique strengths and struggles. Be prepared to talk about the things that our society loves to convince us are taboo like your period, your breasts, and your poops. Oh, yeah, we’re going there.

3. If it feels like a good fit, we’ll discuss how we can begin working together.


We can get you set up with your first coaching session, discuss a payment schedule that feels good for you, and get your first 1-on-1 VIP coaching session on the books!

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